Deuteronomy – Bible Overview

Holy BibleMoses wrote this book between 1410 B.C. and 1406 B.C., although the description of Moses’ death in Chapter 34 could not have been written by him. In Deuteronomy the Israelites prepare to enter Canaan and Moses is near death. It describes the wanderings of the people in the Sinai, their trials and tribulations, their victories, and their heritage. The Ten Commandments are repeated in chapters 4 and 5 followed by other commands and laws to the people. Joshua is selected as the successor to Moses and is the one to lead the people into Canaan. In chapters 32 and 33, Moses speaks to the people for the last time, recounts their journey, and offers his final blessings to the multitudes.

I. Review of Israelites’ journey from Egypt, 1:1-4:43
II. The laws of God reviewed, 4:44-26:19
III. The covenant of God ratified, 27:1-30:20
IV. Moses and his final days, 31:1-34:12


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